How the Kitty Slicker cat grooming brush works

a kitty in need of a grooming brushThe Kitty Slicker grooming brush gently removes loose hair, never pulling or leaving comb or brush marks. It stimulates the hair follicles promoting a sable soft, sleek and beautiful coat on even the most delicate feline skin and hair. When you use it, it has an enormous calming effect, promotes purring and contentment, helps eliminate hair balls and keeps the skin and coat in good condition. It has been created for every type of feline, long hairs and short hairs including the super fine, downy soft hair of the Sphynx.

  • Gently removes loose hair
  • Never pulls or leaves brush marks
  • Stimulates hair follicles
  • Helps eliminate hairballs
  • Works on every type of skin and coat
The Kitty Slicker should be included in your array of grooming tools and used routinely to gently massage the muscles and remove loose hair. It is a wonderful tool to create and stimulate bonding with your feline. It has a astonishing calming affect on an anxious kitty. With consistent and routine use your kitty’s coat will be soft and beautiful while enjoying a bonding ritual.

Using the KittySlicker
grooming brush

Essential Grooming
Gently hold the brush between your thumb and index finger, let your kitty smell and feel the tool to get acquainted with it. Use “very” light, gentle strokes along the side of his face, up the back of the neck, under the chin, along the backbone, along the sides and up the tail. This brush requires very light pressure, similar to the feel of your kitties tongue on your hand. Remove lose hair from the brush as it collects. Some felines love to feel the tool around their ears and top of head and blissfully close their eyes and purr during the session.

Blissful Massaging
Stoke your cat gently. Using a circular motion, start behind the ears or above the eyes, and work your way down the back and tail. Eventually, you will be able to lightly massage the paw pads and sensitive are between the pads. The most popular spots are above the eyes, and top of head between the ears using small gentle circles.

New Kitten Bonding
Perfect for calming and bonding with a new kitten as it grows and matures. They love the feel of the KittySlicker as well as the attention and love.

Your Beloved Senior
By age 10 our felines have become senior citizens. Their skin and fur may become dry and flaky, their coat may begin to thin, and their joints become stiff and lose their agility. The KittySlicker grooming brush used regularly helps to groom them and keep their coat and skin clean when they cannot do it themselves any longer.

What to expect when using the Kitty Slicker

cat grooming brushYour kitty may lie still and let you gently stroke the coat. Others may want to bat it, or even try to put it in their mouth for an instant. Young kittens often love its feel and want to play with it. Teenage felines demonstrate a great deal of curiosity and playfulness at first, then thoroughly enjoy the grooming ritual. Very shortly after you begin using the KittySlicker, your kitty will want you to use it all the time. You can expect big staring eyes with an expression that may make you feel a bit guilty that you aren’t following through with you duties. With continued use, you will be developing wonderful mutual bonding with your kitty and stimulating a rich, sable soft coat.

grooming brush for catsWhat better way to say “I Love You” to the beloved kitty in your family, than to stroke and pet their furry face, body, and whiskers with a KittySlicker grooming tool.

Regular grooming and good nutrition are paramount in the health and well being of felines. Keep in mind this product isn’t appropriate for matted or extremely soiled hair in need of grooming or other services.



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