Meet the Chief Executive Felines

Quite by accident two fabulously pampered and spoiled felines actually discovered the idea for our unique KittySlicker. Their names are Twinker and Rocky. During an extended recovery from the rigors of breast cancer treatment, my two beloved kitties were always by my side. While recovering I noticed they loved to be petted and stroked with my nail file. How crazy was this, I thought. I would lay the nail file down and they would try to pick it up, and rub their face on it. I thought if my kitties liked it, why not make it available to everyone who has kitties. So began the research of all the grains and papers to find just the right touch, feel, product design and manufacturer. Finally, the KittySlicker was born. Now, both kitties begin to purr as soon as they see the KittySlicker.

Twinker, V.P. of Fun, Relaxation and Product Assurance.

Twinker loves to be petted with the KittySlicker. His favorite spots are on his forehead just above his eyes, between his ears, the bottom of his front pink paws, and sometimes between his front paw pads! He has a ferocious, ruckus purr and he wears a somewhat irritable expression as if to say he needs more petting and attention. His idea of time well spent includes meal time and a generous portion of naps. Twinker’s orange and white coat is rich and beautiful.

Rocky, V.P. of Curiosity, Staring and Product Integrity

Rocky is groomed to gleaming perfection and has a swaggering way about him. Although he has a somewhat mildly suspicious and faintly devious expression, Rocky is a sweetheart and total gentlemen. He enjoys staring out a window for hours at a time. His black and tan tabby coat is lush, rich, and sable soft. His favorite spots are under his chin, up the front of his nose, along the side of his face, and up the back of his neck to the top of his head! It must feel heavenly from the sounds of his purring and his drowsy gaze.

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