A cat slicker brush - The Kitty Slicker

Cat Slicker Brush

What is the Kitty Slicker

Our unique, one of a kind feline grooming tool, Kitty Slicker, was created to emulate the feel of their own sand papery, sticky feeling tongue. It is light weight, very easy and comfortable to hold in your hand while using it to stroke, pet and massage your beloved kitty. There are no pins, plastic or rubber studded objects, only our specially selected paper grains to sooth the muscles and stimulate the millions of hair follicles covering your kitties entire body. Each KittySlicker grooming tool has two different paper grains covering the entire surface of either side. The surfaces can easily be cleaned by simply spritizing the surface with alcohol. Read more about how KittySlicker works!

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cat slicker brush

Love and Attention, Essential for Kitty Lovers!

Felines are absolute individuals, with their own ideas about everything, including the people they own. Nevertheless, bonding with your kitty is enormously vital for their health and well being. All felines, even those with the loftiest pedigree, need your love and attention to thrive.

At the beginning of life, although kittens are born blind and deaf they can acutely sense their mother’s bodily warmth, and nestle next to her for warmth and safety. The very first sensation a kitten experiences is their mother’s sand papery, sticky feeling tongue on their tiny little bodies.

The skin of all felines is svelte, soft and loose with enormous elasticity for easy of movement and stretching. There are literally millions of hairs rooted in the skin with enumerable sebaceous glands linked to the hair roots that produce a fatty substance that gets distributed over the fur when they lick themselves with their sand papery, sticky tongue giving the fur its silky sheen.

Regular grooming is essential to maintain good feline health and appearance. In fact, regular grooming habits are a key indicator of your feline’s overall health and well being. All felines learn to groom themselves and their littermates at a very early age, and nearly all are fastidious groomers. They are keenly aware of their appearance to other felines, and proudly and silently make a grand entrance in whatever venue their presence may grace.

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