Thank you for your donation of Kitty Slickers for our Marquette County Humane Society kittens and cats. They are very cool! The cats seem to really love them a lot! They really like their heads and by their face stroked.

See the article on the Marquette County Humane Society website!
-Ann , Marquette County Humane Society

We have six indoor cats and each of them love it. My eight year old grandson’s kitty has refused to be brushed or groomed, but with the KittySlicker, she jumps in his lap and lets him pet her.
-Lana, Los Angeles, California.

Both of my cats are indoors. My older cat loves to be petted, he just lays there and lets me pet him. My younger cat absolutely loves it. I’ll put it away, and he will go get it out. He actually opens the cupboard door and drags it out.
- John, Rivera Village, California.

Our barn kitty loves to be petted with the KittySlicker. She is very independent and has become much more friendly and attentive to us.

I was surprised how much hair I collected on the KittySlicker. My indoor kitty is 17 and I didn’t realize she couldn’t groom herself that well any longer. She enjoys the feel and grooming. It is light and easy to hold; my hand doesn’t get tired.
-Julie, Lomita, California

As soon as I opened it I let Lacy sniff it and then started grooming her. She absolutely loved it and purred constantly. After 10 minutes she didn’t want to stop! It’s a huge success!
-Linda, Lanesboro, MA

My kittyslickers arrived and they LOVE it! still working on Sadie who I have never been able to comb in 3 years but we will try.

Here’s Boogie (black and white) and Bailey (0range and white), in relaxed poses after being combed by the kittyslicker. Boogie and Bailey say, “when is the next session mom!!”
-Joan, New York, NY

Crystal just loves it! Today she wanted to play with it and, also took a taste. Crystal is the owner of the house!
-Phyllis, Marshall, MI

I have to say I only ordered my Kitty Slickers 2 days ago and received them today. I have 4 cats and they all love it! My youngest cat who is almost 10 months old wants to bite it but when he lets me brush him, he enjoys it. My oldest cat who is 12 gets very relaxed and starts to purr immediately. I'm glad I ordered 2 combs so that we can at least brush 2 at a time. I may have to order more if they get impatient.Thank you for such a unique comb.
-Leticia, Castaic, CA

Thanks for the follow up - My cats really enjoy being brushed with the Kittyslicker.I'm in the process of socializing a feral cat (8 months old) and she has respondedvery positively to having the Kittyslicker used on her.  Thank you for a great product and for the great customer service.
-Barb, Mt. Prospect, IL

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